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Ivecop 6mg (Ivermectin)

Active Ingredient

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Indication: Scabies, Filariasis
Manufacturer: Menarini India Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 1 Tablet in Strip
Strength: 6mg
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Ivecop 6mg (Ivermectin)

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What is Ivermectin Tablet used for?
Ivermectin Tablet is applied to deal with positive parasitic roundworm contaminations. Relieving parasitic sicknesses assists with enhancing your private satisfaction. In people with debilitated guard (invulnerable) frameworks, relieving roundworm sicknesses can reduce the chance of constructing up an intense or risky contamination. Ivermectin has an area with a category of medicines called antihelmintics. It works via way of means of deadening and executing parasites.

Side Effects of Ivermectin Tablet:
The facet consequences of this drug depend upon the circumstance being dealt with.

The extra not unusualplace facet consequences of this drug while it’s used to deal with intestinal infections include:

lack of energy
belly pain
lack of appetite
sleepiness or drowsiness
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Ivermectin Tablet – Precautions and How to take
Take this medication via way of means of mouth with a complete glass of water (eight oz or 240 milliliters) on a vacant belly at any fee 1 hour earlier than a supper. Ivermectin is usually taken as a solitary element or association of dosages, or as coordinated via way of means of your doctor.

Measurement relies upon in your weight, ailment, and response to treatment.

Tell your number one care doctor in case your circumstance perseveres or declines.

Ivermectin in covid :
Ivermectin is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- encouraged antiparasitic drug this is applied to deal with some omitted tropical illnesses, along with onchocerciasis, helminthiases, and scabies.1 It is also being assessed for its functionality to decrease the tempo of intestinal illness transmission via way of means of murdering mosquitoes that feed on dealt with humans and livestock.2 For those signs, ivermectin has been extensively applied and is for the maximum component properly tolerated.


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