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Azee 500 mg

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Indication: Bacterial infections of the eye, Conjunctivitis, Bacterial infections
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 1, 3, 6, 10 Tablets in Strips
Strength: 500mg
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Azee 500 mg

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Azee 500 mg Information

Azee 500 mg is a physician recommended drug that is accessible in tablet structure. This medication is explicitly used to treat ear contaminations, tonsils, pneumonia. Aside from these, there are a few different purposes of Azee 500 mg, which are recorded underneath.

The right measurement of Azee 500 mg

relies upon the patient’s age, orientation, and clinical history. Its measurement is additionally founded on the issue of the patient and the strategy for giving the medication. This data is given exhaustively in the dose segment.

Azee 500 mg has not many aftereffects seen for certain normal secondary effects like queasiness or retching, the runs, migraine. Aside from these, Azee 500 mg might cause specific opposite aftereffects too, which are recorded beneath. The results of Azee 500 mg disappear rapidly and don’t go on after treatment.
Assuming these secondary effects deteriorate or endure longer, converse with your primary care physician about them.

Azee 500 mg is protected to use during pregnancy and is protected to use for breastfeeding ladies. Here it is critical to know whether Azee 500 mg meaningfully affects kidney, liver or heart.

Azee 500 mg related admonitions

Is Azee 500 mg protected to utilize when pregnant?
There is no symptom of Azee for pregnant ladies.

Is the utilization of Azee 500 mg protected during breastfeeding?
Azee is alright for breastfeeding ladies.

What is the impact of Azee 500 mg on the Kidneys?
We can utilize Azee in light of the fact that it makes not very many side impacts.

What is the impact of Azee 500 Mg on the liver?
Azee isn’t hurtful for the liver. Not very many instances of results of Azee on the liver are conceivable.

What is the impact of Azee 500 mg on the Heart?
Not very many instances of results of Azee on the heart have been accounted for. In any case, this impact is tiny, which causes no issue.


Is this Azee 500 mg propensity shaping or habit-forming?
Azee 500 mg isn’t habit-forming, yet at the same time you should be extremely cautious prior to taking it and should accept clinical exhortation regarding this matter.

Is it protected to drive or work large equipment while taking Azee 500 mg?
Indeed, you can securely drive and work apparatus on the off chance that you don’t feel tipsy or sluggish subsequent to taking Azee 500 mg.

Is it protected to consume Azee 500 mg?
Take Azee 500 mg solely after specialist’s recommendation. Well it is protected.

Might Azee 500 mg at any point be utilized in the treatment of crazy issues or mental issues?
No, Azee 500 mg can’t treat mental issues.

Azee 500 mg Associations with Food and Liquor
Taking Azee 500 mg with food doesn’t hurt your wellbeing.

Does drinking liquor while taking Azee 500 mg make adverse consequences?
Expressing anything about the impact of Azee 500 mg on the body is troublesome. No exploration has been finished on this.


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