What is the CVV number which you ask for on your login pages? Where do I go to see it?

FAQ 1 – Cvv is a generally pro mechanism that ensures you possess your credit card. The three-digit CVV digits for the Residence permit are printed immediately after the digits of the account on the signing panel on the front of the credit card. The four-digit CVV digits for U. S. Express are printed above the card account digits on the card’s face. Amex a 4-digit code on the front, right above your credit card information Visa/MasterCard a 3-digit code in reverse to get italic just on the back of your credit card. 

What does your credit card justification on the credit card statement?

FAQ 2 – We always recommend seeing our credit card explanatory label before charging your card. Nonetheless, make certain that our charge shows in your card documents in line with our facts and information in the emails, and therefore it is from Pharmacy villa in your credit card bill. Please bear in mind that all data and data are submitted over an SSL-protected, secured site, so there is no possibility of fraud. As a consequence, any purchase done through our authorized internet site for our clients will be safe and protected. 

How should a credit card be paid if it is a special payment?

You can pay after your verification by following the instructions below.

Check your email ( which you accepted from PayPal )

Continue By clicking the button

Pay with a CC (Credit Card) (visa, master, Amex, Discover )

Fill out all of your information and make your payment. 

Why is my order categorized as “awaiting e-check payment” or “incomplete payment process”?

You can contact us to finish the transfer procedure, or you can ignore the offer if you want to stop it.

What does “dispensing” mean on my order?

FAQ 3 – Before charging your card, we always provide our credit card-specific title.

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